Bethany Otten, LCMHCA, NCC, RYT – 500

Who Am I?

When you are searching for a therapist, you may ask yourself a few questions such as:

How does this person know how to help me?

Look at them smiling and looking happy in their picture, what problems have they ever had? 

Has this counselor even been to counseling?

Let me address these questions. I will start off by saying our stories and lives may be vastly different but our emotions and feelings may be quite similar. Before I was able to genuinely smile, I walked through so much pain. I attribute my self growth to counseling, mindfulness, yoga, and help from members of the recovery community. Starting in middle school, I experienced INTENSE ANXIETY which led to depression and feelings of hopelessness. I felt like counseling never worked. When I entered recovery from addiction in 2013, my life and mental health drastically turned around for the good. At this time I finally began to become honest with myself and honest with a therapist. This allowed me to maintain long term recovery and accept my identity.

My approach to counseling is alternative and unique. I have a colorful background teaching yoga since 2015 as a certified RYT – 500 instructor, studying Reiki, traveling the world, and photographing professionally. With that said, my counseling is filtered through a holistic and creative lens. I integrate techniques of traditional psychotherapy with alternative modalities which include expressive arts as well as mindfulness exercises such as breath work, meditation, and movement. In order to treat an individual, my stance is to look at the WHOLE person. This includes the mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy working with young adults, middle adults, and individuals in middle school, high school, and college.

Stigma around mental health and addiction is undeniable. I believe that sharing my story is a step to breaking down the barriers of the fear that exists for people to ask for help. And to not feel so alone. My desire to become a therapist comes from my desire to share the insight, tools, and techniques that changed my own life. Change is possible for you too and so is the ability to thrive.

In our counseling sessions, the focus is on your journey and we will together discover what your goals, passions, and desires are for your life. I will hold space for you that provides compassion, acceptance, and the belief in your ability to thrive as you learn to do the same for yourself.

Together, let’s begin to welcome you back home to wellbeing.

Ready to Talk?

If you want real answers to managing your anxiety, depression, school issues, lack of motivation, maintaining long term recovery from addiction, contact me now for a free consultation or to book an appointment.

When working with client’s, I follow my professional ethical guidelines which are the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics. Below you can review these ethical guidelines so that you are also informed on how I make ethical decisions., ©2021+ All Rights Reserved

NC LCMHCA # A16564

Bethany is an independent contractor who is working for Stegall Counseling PLLC.