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About Our Groups

Educators Coping Skills and Support Group

  • Come together with other healthcare workers to talk about your frustrations, stress, and anxiety that the pandemic has caused.
  • Be able to freely talk about how this has effected not only your professional work life but also your personal life.
  • You will learn new ways to cope in a high demanding environments so that you can continue to help others heal and get better.
  • Find support in knowing you are NOT alone in this.
  • You also DESERVE to put yourself first!

Educators Coping Skills and Support Group

  • Every week seems to be a new change within the school system and this stress can cause intense anxiety on your performance as a teacher and a person trying to get through the pandemic.
  • Come together and talk about these frustrations in a nonjudgmental environment.
  • You will learn ways to cope with the ever changing stress that is occurring within the school systems so that you can continue to be the BEST teacher, admin, role model, etc. for your students.

Every one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.”

– Princess Diana