Specialties: the areas of faith-based counseling, childhood trauma, life transitions and/or major life changes, anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, parental support, family conflict, effective communication skills.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer” – Romans 12:12

Jessica Turner

LCSWA, Ages 5+


Hi there! 

Can I ask you something? Have you ever felt like asking for help was a sign of weakness? Well, what if I told you, it’s actually a sign of strength? That’s right! Taking the brave step to seek support is something to be proud of. It shows courage, resilience, and a commitment to your own well-being and the well-being of your family. So, if you’re here because you’re considering reaching out for help, I want you to know that you’re already demonstrating tremendous strength. 

While life can be full of many challenges, acknowledging these hardships can be the first step towards finding solutions and creating positive change for yourself. If you’re struggling to take this first step, I would like to you to start off by checking if any of the following resonate with you:

  • Are you a parent that feels overwhelmed and exhausted, while struggling to form a healthy relationship with your child?
  • Are you struggling to balance life responsibilities and/or major life changes, making it hard to focus on your own mental health?
  • Are you struggling to understand how your personal faith and life values impact your mental health?
  • Are you a teen struggling to handle the complexities of your adolescent years?
  • Are you struggling with negative thoughts and emotions that make it hard to complete everyday tasks? 
  • Are you a parent of a child or teen struggling to cope with challenging life experiences?

If so, I am here to support you! As a therapist, I specialize in working collaboratively with individuals to combat these challenges.

While working in a collaborative effort, we can: 

  • Identify specific goals that promote growth, healing, and positive change. 
  • Explore strengths and resources available, including resilience factors that can contribute to your ability to overcome challenging obstacles. We can work together utilizing a strength-based approach to build upon recognized strengths, while learning additional coping skills that will support you towards your identified goals 
  • Process negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences through various evidenced based practice such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Together we can challenge negative thinking patterns and explore alternative narratives, allowing for the development of new and empowering ways of thinking. 
  • Discuss what role faith plays in your emotional well-being. During this time, we will create a safe and supportive space to explore your identify as a Christian, express your doubts and fears, and deepen your spiritual connection. 

During this process, I believe in the importance of fostering a safe and supportive environment for you to fully express yourself. You are in charge of your own journey! I am here to support you in achieving the goals you have set for yourself. 

As someone who has personally been where you are, I urge you to reach out! I have been in situations where I felt hopeless, as if it would never get better. I am here to tell you that you are strong! You are resilient! It will get better!

I am here to fight with you and for you! 



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