Luke McMahan, Counseling Intern

Expert in the areas of Anxiety, Depression, Grief, LGBTQIA+, Self-Esteem, Career Exploration, Exploration of Identity, Intense Emotions, Mindfulness, Grounding

Adult Therapist

About Me 

I’m different than most therapists out there.  What makes therapy with me different?

Well in order to understand that, let me tell you the quick story of why I am becoming a therapist.

Throughout my life I struggled with ANXIETY.  I would obsess over “what if” scenarios.  I would lay awake at night thinking of all the things I need to do and let the “what if” scenarios play out in my mind.  

I thought that if I kept my head down and worked hard, I could reduce my anxiety by minimizing the things in my life I needed to worry about.  But no matter HOW HARD I worked, the WORRY and “what ifs” never went away.    

This took a toll.  I felt constantly EXHAUSTED and BURNT OUT.  I had little energy left to be present and experience the positives in my life, and time was passing by.

I tried reading self-help books, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and creating a work-life balance.  But the WORRY was still there.  After having little success on my own, I decided to see a counselor.

My counselor helped me understand the anxiety and how it related to my own unique life experiences and challenges.  He created an empathic, non-judgmental environment where I was able to explore my past experiences and learn skills for dealing with the present worry.  This process helped me get my anxiety UNDER CONTROL so I could start focusing my energy on the positives in my life.  

In my past professional background, I have worked with individuals and families from all walks of life who have experienced traumatic loss and bereavement.  I have seen the positive impact that having someone to talk to can make on our well-being and ability to move forward with the challenges life throws at us. 

I decided to become a counselor because I would like to help other people experience the benefits of a trusting, non-judgmental helping relationship.  Whatever challenges you are experiencing in life, you DO NOT have to suffer through them alone.  It would be my privilege to help you on your journey of ACHIEVING your goals and finding well-being.       

This time in life can be difficult and overwhelming. There are always these questions like:

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What will people think of me if I tell them how I am really feeling?
  • I am a private person.  Do I really want to open up to a stranger?
  • How do I move forward?

No matter where you’re at in your journey, I believe that there is always HOPE – regardless of what life has thrown at you or what you’ve tried before.

I will help you find the answers to what is getting in the way and I will show you how to get the life you want.

You deserve better than just getting by, you deserve to THRIVE.

Ready to Talk?

If you want real answers to managing your anxiety, low self-esteem, or behavioral concerns, contact me now for a free consultation or to book an appointment. Let me come alongside your story.

When working with clients, I follow my professional guidelines which are the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics. Below you can review these ethical guidelines so that you are also informed on how I make ethical decisions.

Luke does not accept insurance but does offer reduced rate and/or a sliding scale as needed.

Luke works with individuals 18+.

Luke is receiving supervision from Lauren Stegall, LCMHC, NCC, LRT/CTRS under her licensure #13219.