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Clinical Team

Lauren Stegall, Founder/CEO


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I have a passion for helping people to find themselves again and to work on identifying their current emotions. Many times our past emotions will become present in the current moment without our knowledge of it occurring. I help people to get to the root of their emotions so that they can begin to heal and move forward in life!

Bethany Otten


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When working with client’s, I have a desire to help the entire person as a whole and not just a few areas of the person. I help to examine all aspects of an individuals life in order to help them understand themselves better while learning to grow.

Caroline Sampsell


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My clients typically are struggling with some form of trauma and when they start therapy it can be intimidating due to not knowing how this other person will hear your story. I honor and respect where people are in their healing journey and I provide them with a nonjudgemental space in order to allow themselves to truly heal. You are not alone and I am here to listen to your story.

Khadija Layne


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I enjoy working with adolescents, parents, families, and couples who are struggling to effectively communicate with each other. I believe that everything in a relationship and the issues we have with our spouse, will also be the issues we have with our children, our friendships, and so on.  I work with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, self-esteem and self-worth, relationship challenges, and trauma. Let’s learn to develop more effective communication styles together.

Counseling Interns

Brittanie Dacus

Counseling Intern

I am a counseling intern who has a passion for helping others who are hurting and trying to find peace. I enjoy working with adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and life transitions. Let’s find your way back to living a carefree life in this current chaotic world.

Luke McMahan

Counseling Intern

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