Our Team Keeps Growing!

I am excited to be sharing that we will be having 2 new clinicians joining our team of therapists in the next month! I am thrilled to be able to share their specialized talents with clients/other clinicians in the community, while helping them continue to personally grow as professionals.

I will be sharing with you soon their talents and how they can help you or someone you love.

Stay tuned for this exciting new adventure for Stegall Counseling!

Why blog about Mental Health?

I am always interested in blogs that discuss Mental Health. Maybe I am alone on this 🤷🏼‍♀️but I believe that the more we talk about mental health, the more we know, and can understand others perspectives.

Everyone’s mental health journey is unique and different. We do not all have the same situational experiences as one another and we can all have similar experiences when it comes to feelings/emotions.

At times it might be hard to say that you understand the other person’s experience, because you have not had to live that experience, but you can sometimes be able to understand the core emotion of the experience.

Emotions are at times our driving factor in life and this can be helpful and at times it can be harmful depending on how much we allow it to control our decisions and/or problem solving skills.

Emotions can make us do impulsive things that we may later regret or not even really want to do in the first place. Learning about our emotions can help us to understand how we truly feel about a situation or experience.

Emotions are neither good nor bad but instead help to guide us in life.

Understanding emotions and learning the reason why we have emotions is sometimes something we are never taught because our society tells us that emotions make us look weak and powerless.

This could never be farther from the truth because our emotions actually give us so much information about how we feel about something that it actually can make us stronger and more confident.

The issue that can come into play is when we feel our emotions are the ONLY truths and facts about a situation. We need to look at our interruptions of a situation and identify if it is influencing our emotional understanding of the situation. So sometimes our emotions might be slightly off or too intense for the situation we are experiencing.

This is where the skill “Check the facts” can be helpful in understanding more about our emotions in relation to a specific situation.

This is not to say that you are not experiencing your emotion. When you are experiencing an intense emotion, you need to “Check the facts” and identify whether it is an accurate interpretation and/or if the emotions intensity is accurate for the situation.

Emotions are so important for us as human being and such a very complex subject. The more we learn about our emotions and mental health, the more we can understand how we are feeling and thinking, the more control we have in managing our intense emotions.