Who Is This For?


  • Struggling with intense emotions that other people do not understand?
  • Held back from reaching your full potential in school or with friends due to the overwhelming feelings of stress?
  • Feeling strong emotions and other people telling you that you should not have those emotions or that your emotions are not accurate?
  • Ever feel like you are just not good enough no matter how hard you try?
  • Every feel like it would just be easier for everyone if you just weren’t here anymore?


  • ​Wondering if this stress will ever go away or get better?
  • Always pushing others away?
  • ​Struggling with engaging in impulsive and risky behaviors instead of addressing the issue head on?
  • ​Wonder how other people seem to be able to manage everyday stress, but for you it is so hard?
  • Are you technically functioning in life but feel as though this is no the way you want to actual life your life by just barely passing by?
  • Do you want to love yourself more deeply than you currently are?


  • Always feeling like you have to defend yourself against your partner?
  • ​Ever feel like your partner is not listening to your wants and needs?
  • Do you feel as though you can’t go a day without saying something that is hurtful or having something hurtful be said to you?
  • ​Wonder how some couples just seem to have it made but your relationship just seems like it take so much more work?
  • Do you love your partner but not their actions? Do you want to go back to a time where you were able to have fun with each other instead of nagging at each other now?
  • Do you feel pressured to parent one way verse another or are you and your partner not on the same page?


  • Do you feel like your family is always living in chaos and yelling doesn’t seem to help with the problem?
  • Is it hard to hear what other family members are saying or do you not feel heard?
  • Struggling with providing positive reinforcement instead of constantly punishment? Is the punishment really making a difference?
  • ​Are you a blended family or separated family trying to manage everyones emotions so that stress can be reduced to a minimum?