Specialties: Anxiety, depression, children & adolescents, emotional regulation, dating, self-esteem, body image, life transitions, perfectionism.

“It’s okay to not be okay”

Emma Rice

LCSWA, Ages 5+


I know starting therapy can be scary and taking that first step can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. I believe therapy is a place to understand and be understood and to feel empowered and emotionally. Most of us will at some point in our life deal with anxiety, depression, transitional issues, low self-esteem, and other challenges. Facing these head on takes a lot of strength and I am happy you are here!

You may be wondering if therapy is right for you. I’d like to start off by checking if any of the following resonate with you:

  • Are you a parent to a child or teen who struggles with regulating emotions and expressing themselves appropriately?
  • Are you overwhelmed or stressed by current life transitions whether that be college, post grad, work, etc.?
  • Are you struggling with anxiety and/or depression and don’t know where to begin?
  • Is positive self-image or self-esteem a challenge for you?
  • Struggling with substance use or dependence?

If so, you’re not alone. These struggles are normal, and I’m here to support you in realizing that you can overcome any hardship with the right resources and confidence in yourself.

Together, we can:

  • Discover what the root cause of the anxiety and/or depression is through CBT, DBT, and mindfulness techniques. Along with that, coming up with specific tools to lessen those symptoms to help live a strong and empowering life.
  • Help you build a positive future and create goals you want to achieve in your life through Solution-focused therapy. By using your current strengths we will develop skills to increase your self-esteem, communication, and develop more secure relationships.
  • Work with your child to help encourage healthier coping and communication skills to promote better emotional regulation. Kids sometimes have a harder time expressing themselves through their words. So, through play therapy I will work with your child to develop positive ways to express their feelings and learn to cope with emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, etc.
  • Recognize the contributing factors to your substance use and through Motivational Interviewing and the harm reduction approach create a plan and develop healthy coping skills to help manage life stressors.

From personal experience, I can say therapy has changed my life and I want to be that person to assist you through your life’s challenges. I believe that therapy does not have to be this daunting thing that forces you to expose every part of you. In my sessions we are on your schedule and your timeline. As a person-centered clinician I like to foster an uplifting and comfortable environment for you to let it all out! Therapy looks different for everyone and I will do my best to cater your specific needs during our sessions. Looking forward to meeting and working with you!

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