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Grief and Loss

Grief’s emotional landscape is full of twists and turns.

Grief, whether from losing someone or big changes in life, is really hard. In therapy, we offer a caring place to work through the ups and downs of grief. We don’t try to make the pain go away; instead, we help you deal with it, adjust, and find a new way of living that respects what or who you’ve lost. Our kind and tailored support helps you heal, become stronger, and thoughtfully explore your journey through grief.


Find your way through grief’s emotional landscape.

At Stegall Counseling PLLC, we gently help you through the tough times of grief with a caring and personal approach. Talking about your feelings, helping you see things differently, and teaching you to be in the moment all in a safe place. The aim isn’t to take away the sadness but to help you cope with it, adjust to a new way of life, and remember the ones you’ve lost with love. You’ll learn more about yourself, grow stronger, and deeply explore your feelings of loss, all of which help you heal and find a new sense of hope and joy.

Universal and complex, grief is a rollercoaster navigated in a supportive therapy space.

Therapists blend counseling, validation, CBT, mindfulness, and narrative therapy for healing.

The goal isn't erasing pain but aiding individuals to cope, adapt, and find a new normal.

Grief therapy honors lost memories, fostering resilience and meaningful adaptation.

Counseling offers a compassionate journey, guiding clients to renewed well-being.

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