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Find a blend of humor, empathy, and expertise in every step toward better mental health.

In this practice, the focus is on providing a comforting, relatable approach to mental health. It’s a place where conversations are real, the care is sincere, and the environment is as understanding as it is knowledgeable. Specialists here adeptly navigate a spectrum of concerns, from the complexities of anxiety and ADHD to the intricacies of postpartum challenges, grief, and personality disorders, ensuring comprehensive care for every individual; therapists bring their own experiences and compassionate insights to every session. The atmosphere is designed to be as welcoming and relaxed as a chat with a good friend, ensuring that you feel heard, valued, and genuinely supported. It’s about creating a meaningful connection that fosters healing and growth, with care that’s as attentive to your personal story as it is committed to professional excellence. 

Fostering resilience against anxiety, depression and so much more – with care as unique as you are.

At Stegall Counseling, every step forward is taken together, making the journey towards better mental health an experience that’s as enriching as it is transformative. Step into a space where your healing is understood, from anxiety to ADHD, depression to bipolar disorders, and beyond. Here, you’ll find not just care, but a conversation, humor amidst the healing, and a team that knows the journey because they’ve walked it too.


Experience a relatable approach to mental health, ensuring you feel genuinely supported.

Navigate a wide spectrum of concerns, from anxiety and ADHD to postpartum challenges and personality disorders.

Experience compassionate insights to every session, creating a meaningful connection.

Therapy can be welcoming and relaxed as a chat with a good friend, ensuring you feel heard and valued.

We're committed to professional excellence and attentive to your personal story, offering care that's tailored to your unique needs.


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